Our Chiropractors Talk about Effective Therapies for Spinal Stenosis

Posted in Lumbosacral and Pelvic on Nov 4, 2022

Spinal stenosis is one of the degenerative conditions of thespine, affecting people over 50 and those who had an office job andspent most of their time sitting down. For patients with thiscondition, every day means reduced mobility, frequent episodes ofback pain, and weakness in the legs. Many of them become sedentaryin order to avoid pain and accidents, thus hastening thedeterioration of their spine. At our clinic, our chiropractors canperform effective therapies for spinal stenosis, which arenon-invasive and safe for most people.

Causes, Types, andSymptoms of Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis can be triggered by various conditions andaspects during the patient’s life, such as:

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  • Osteoarthritis
  • Poorposture
  • Previous injury orsurgery to the spine
  • Herniateddisc
  • Cysts ortumors

Ourchiropractors have treated patients suffering from all three typesof spinal stenosis:

  • Foraminal stenosis –affecting the opening where a spinal nerve exits the spinal canalbetween two vertebrae
  • Lateral stenosis –occurring at the back of the spinal canal
  • Central canalstenosis – affecting the opening at the center of thevertebra

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Each of these conditions can be painful and will limit people’srange of movements in the neck, back, and legs. Most patientsexperience pain when walking, especially when climbing anddescending, chronic pain in the neck and in the lower back, andepisodes of acute pain in the lower back.

WhyShould You Choose our Chiropractors to Treat SpinalStenosis?

Conventional medicine focuses more on managing the symptoms andinvolves pain medication and epidural steroid injections. In moresevere cases, doctors will recommend surgery, which is not alwayssuccessful and has a long recovery period. Our chiropractorsfocus on helping patients regain their mobility by resolving spinalstenosis and significantly slowing down the progress of thisdegenerative condition in elderly patients. When necessary, we willalso refer patients for complementary therapies, such as massageand physical therapy.

HowWe Create Effective Therapies for Spinal Stenosis

This article will not give you a list of therapies, like a menuin a restaurant. The reason for this is that each patient isunique. You may suffer from spinal stenosis in the cervical,thoracic or lumbar part of the spine. You may have other healthconditions that we must take into account in order to create a safeand effective treatment plan. Also, you may have a low tolerance topain, and we take this into consideration, aswell. The first step is torefer you for an MRI to determine the area affected by spinalstenosis. Depending on the severity of the condition and itsextent, our chiropractors will perform various adjustments,tractions, and decompression therapies.

Theseterms may sound a bit frightening, especially when you think thatthey will be performed on your spine. However, you can rest assuredthat these are tested and proven therapies, which help people anddo not generate side effects or pain. Many of the medicalprocedures you have undergone over the years in hospitals andclinics carry a higher degree of risk than chiropracticmanipulations.

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WeSupport Patients for the Long Term

Our chiropractors know that spinal stenosis is a progressivecondition and may cripple people in old age. For this reason, weencourage our patients to return for maintenance chiropractictherapies and we teach them how to exercise at home and maintaintheir spine flexibility. Our aim is toincrease your quality of life with effective chiropractic therapiesfor spinal stenosis. We encourage you to schedule an appointmentwith one of our chiropractors and learn more about the benefits ofthis type of treatment.

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